LG Prada – Style Ahead...Every time ! By Ben Bradle
LG, the creator of many a style defining mobile phone models, teams up with leading Italian fashion house of Prada and takes the style quotient to altogether new heights. Here comes the LG Prada – a series of two stunning mobile phones. Promising loads to offer to the fashionable elites. If one is a simple GSM variety, a 3G phone is the other of the two siblings from this family of fashion specialist. However, irrespective of the connectivity differences, both the phone are more than mere calling gadgets, they are an extension of your stylish self – the perfect style accessories of fashion aficionados. Appearing in a candy bar design, both the Prada varieties come with a big and bright screen. The stylish glaze captures your imagination the moment you catch hold of one. The intuitive screen of both phone offer you a good viewing experience and support more than 256K colours. Welcome to the superior touch screen features. Prada phones surprises fashion conscious generation, with their keypad and other controls. Duly positioned in the big screen as graphics, they are the way to the multimedia-rich interiors and controls. However, any of the two forms of LG Prada are not just about extensive show-off. Both are duly complemented with a list of powerful features. If a 2 mega pixel camera featuring in both the varieties comes equipped with digital zoom and flash functions, Facilities like camera key, photo album and alterable camera settings – comes to offer you with all that you need to harness your camera skills. And add to that the cameras of both LG Prada pones capture video. Now after capturing all those favourite moments of life, send them to your friends and family members via MMS and otehr messaging options on offer from this phone. Not to forget the Bluetooth and UB facilities of LG Parada varieties. This facility lets you to access and send data from any of the supported storage medium. Now while you are not shooting you can enjoy all your favourite tracks via the powerful music player of these two phone. The music player supports music files of MP3, AAC and WMA formats. Also there is a stereo FM radio – allowing you to access all the latest news and songs every time !
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