Guidelines in caring for your leather handbag

A leather handbag is a personification of your taste and style. Leather conveys elegance, superior taste, sophistication and affluence. Therefore when you spend a small fortune in purchasing leather handbags you acquire not only a practical accessory but make a statement in fashion and style. There are beautiful leather handbags available in different styles ranging from economical to designer quality handbags. Leather is long lasting and very durable therefore; spending a little extra cash will not be wasted on leather handbags and can be considered as a small investment. A well cared for leather handbag will increase the value of your investment by lasting far longer. When you go out and purchase a leather handbag you should be prepared to care for it in the appropriate manner and the following guidelines will help you along the way.

  • When you purchase a designer leather handbag make sure you also buy a suitable leather conditioner. Read the handling and care instructions properly before you apply the conditioner or leather protector to the handbag. Conditioning a leather bag on regular intervals will help to keep the bag on top condition and prevent cracks arising from exposure to direct sun light.

  • Try to clean your hand bag regularly especially if you use it frequently. By cleaning the leather handbag in the proper manner you can ensure lasting shine and luster.

  • When not in use put your hand bag in a soft cotton pillow case, bubble wrap or a dust bag before storing. If you are intending to put away the handbag for long term storage you should consider removing the shoulder straps and placing them neatly coiled. You should stuff the bag with plain paper so that the leather will not shrink and change shape by the time it comes out of storage. Store leather handbags in darkened closets with room temperature to avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sun light.

  • Dirty hands will stain and mark your precious handbag. Make sure to keep your hands clean and dry when you use leather handbags. Wash any residue of powder, make up and oily creams before shouldering your leather handbag in readiness to step out.

  • It is better not to risk carrying your designer handbag if you have to walk in heavy rain or too much sun.

  • Mind where you place your handbag when you visit your beautician, hair dresser, super market or even your office.

  • If you are using an ink pen make sure it is properly capped so that leaking ink will not stain the leather.

  • Your handbag should be used for the purposes it is intended for and not as a cushion to rest your head on or as a writing desk. The impression and dents left by such actions might damage or crack the leather.

  • Instead of stuffing your hand bag randomly with every nick and knack try to be systematic by sorting your articles such as pens, make up, pins and placing them in tiny packets or a smaller plastic purse before putting them in your handbag. That way you will not have to tip the entire contents of your bag in front of an amused audience when you search for a particular article in your bag.


Caring for your handbag does not mean you become obsessive with it and handle it as a breakable china doll. Use your leather bag comfortably to show your flair of fashion and enjoy being the proud owner of a designer leather handbag that would be the envy of many others.



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